Inspiring passion for the strengthening and perfection of health systems

One project at a time.

About us

healthcare|people – this represents not just who we are, but where our passion and expertise lie, and where we aim to make a difference.

As a consulting firm, Benguela was founded on the principles of ensuring the lives of the people served by health systems were never taken for granted and would always be the ultimate focus of any project we undertook.

Benguela’s mission is simple:

Provide innovative and practical advice, support and solutions for the improvement of health systems.

Our wide network of associates and world-class in-house expertise keeps us competitive, effective and relevant in a fast-changing and ever-expanding global health sector. We compete for assignments in both the public and private health environments - provided that we and our partners are satisfied that the project will contribute to a strengthened health system and that the highest ethical standards will be applied.